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April 2, 2018 ZIL Center, Moscow
Everything that happens on the stage will be broadcasted on a huge screen
About the event
About the event

GLOBAL BARBER CONFERENCE - barber community, shows and education from the most famous barbers in the world. Visitors are expected theoretical part, entertainment program, as well as afterparty.

Brutal - does not mean neglected. The love for appearance care for men does not cause any questions nowadays. And along with the desire to professionally take care of the hair and beard, the competition of the barber market has also increased. To always be in demand in this business, you need not only to know well the service, have the knowledge and be able to use them all, but also to constantly develop and grow.

Do you want to become a successful barber and a businessman?

One of the most famous barbers of America and the whole world. Arod works with Elegance team and is famous for creative designs.
Owner of the big barber chain in Brazil, ambassador of Baboon Pomade and founder of the world's biggest barber show - BARBER DAY.
One of the most influential and respected barbers in the industry, founder of SHARPFADE ACADEMY.
Founder of CERTIFIED brand, the most popular barber user of the black mask and waxing.
The most popular barber in Puerto Rico, part of Elegance team, Booksy ambassador.
Owner of the biggest barber chain in Ireland, founder of NOTORIOUS brand.
The most popular black barber in Ireland, known for his amazing fading techniques, onwner of a barbershop.
you have a chance not to miss anything

10:00 - doors open

11:00 – Dance show

11:15 – Notorious + Sharpfade + Designercutz

12:15 - Light show

12:30 – Sky salon

13:30 - Jump performance

13:45 – Seuelias

15:00 BREAK

16:30 - BOOKSY

16:45 – Nour barber

18:15 - VARDA

18:30 – Arod

19:30 – Secret Artist

19:45 – autograph session + interview

20:30 – the end

GLOBAL BARBER CONFERENCE includes a theoretical section, advice, training, entertaining show programs that will surprise guests with their richness and variety.

This all will create a unique atmosphere of the international barber event.

VIP Business Standard
Educational program
Certificate of participation
Close to the stage
Autograph session with world famous barbers
Photo session with world famous barbers
Gifts from partners
Separate check-in desk
Seats Ряды 1-5 Ряды 6-13 Ряды 14-17
Price 15 000 10 000 6 000
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Everything that happens on the stage will be broadcasted on a huge screen
in the evening, after the main event
For whom
For whom
— For those who have just become acquainted with the barber culture and want to develop;
— For those who have already mastered the basic techniques and are looking for inspiration;
— For barbershops and companies that want to find partners and get to know the most popular representatives of the industry.
You will learn
- Haircut techniques
- Fading techniques
- Design
- The use of waxing
as well as:
- Acquire skills of effective sales
- Learn how to provide services at a new level
- Master the tools to conduct corporate social networks
- Learn how to work effectively in a team
- Find inspiration for personal and professional development
4, k1, Vostochnaya St
(ZIL Cultural center)
+7 (916) 023-42-21 info@barber-con.com